Akin & Suri on the road to success

As I sit down over coffee, I realise what a harmonious partnership Burcu Akin and Piyush Suri form. Burcu is the calm and poised face of the business while Piyush is the warm and enthusiastic creative in the duo. But how … Continue reading

Disa Allsopp: Beautifully crafted, ethically-made London jewellery

As a toddler, Disa Allsopp already used to keep herself busy kneading clay while her mother was sculpting by her side. But it is a trip to Mexico as a child that decided what her vocation would be. While travelling with … Continue reading

Wallace⌗Sewell: a winning duo

Emma Sewell and Harriet Wallace-Jones are the winning team behind the eponymous textile design studio, but neither their partnership nor their success happened overnight. Emma and Harriet met while studying at the Royal College of Art. They decided to share … Continue reading