The New Craftsmen: British Craftsmanship with a human touch

Just this once, Artisan London is not featuring an artist or an artisan but a driving force behind the silent but definite revolution that is happening, before our very own eyes, in the world of arts and crafts in the British … Continue reading

Disa Allsopp: Beautifully crafted, ethically-made London jewellery

As a toddler, Disa Allsopp already used to keep herself busy kneading clay while her mother was sculpting by her side. But it is a trip to Mexico as a child that decided what her vocation would be. While travelling with … Continue reading

Eleanor Lakelin: a protean maker in wood

After having travelled widely African and European roads teaching English as a second language, Eleanor Lakelin eventually came back home. While still teaching, she decided to take woodwork and plaster evening courses in the early 1990’s. It rekindled an old … Continue reading

Ann Shore : Creative Trendsetter

Courtesy of Cat Garcia in Our Time Sitting down in front of a freshly made cafe latte in light and airy Story Deli, listening to Ann Shore unravelling the thread of her life, I cannot help think that this woman … Continue reading

Deborah Sandersley: Home is where the art is

How do you reconcile a very intellectual upbringing with the urge to create things with your own hands? Deborah Sandersley seems to have found the best of both worlds by working with glass: the erratic nature of this liquid/solid is both … Continue reading

These boots are made for walkin’

And the lady that designs them is the epitome of cool! Comfortably seated on a timeworn leather sofa, with a woollen grey hat designed by Donna, her Italian friend, a long velvety green overcoat, jeans and her eponymous boots, Deborah … Continue reading

Chisel & Mouse: model architecture enthusiasts

Courtesy of Alun Callender Robert and his brother Gavin Paisley both used to work for the same computer company. When the company folded, Robert embarked with his family on an enchanted parenthesis of seven months in south west France while his brother continued … Continue reading